BORELA is a facility for EU origin organic hemp seeds.

About us

The pursuit of healthy products is our key driver.

BORELA is organic hemp factory. We hull the hemp grain and from this, we produce protein products, flour and oil.

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Our modern factory equipped with the most advanced technology for processing hemp grain is located in Voškoniai Village, Kaunas District.

Meet the team
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To ensure the highest quality we control all the processes.

We monitor and control the entire process from the selection of raw materials and the growing until the provision of the final product to the customer. In this way, only the highest quality ecological products from our company reach the customers.

Labelling raw materials with serial numbers allows us to trace the history of a product.

The raw materials grown in different ecological farms are labelled with individual serial numbers, which identify the reproductive material (seed) of an elite category, the exact cultivation area of the hemp grain, the dates of sowing and threshing, and the certified ecological fertilizers that are used (the manufacturer, date, quantity, etc.).

We examine the raw materials and products in the lab for several times.

We study the microbiological and chemical pollution in both the raw materials and the products that are produced.

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Our team

Meet the team:

Paulius Paršeliūnas
Managing Director
Jolita Sodaitienė
Head of Production
Tadas Brazdauskas
Head of Quality
Laurynas Lukošius
Quality Manager
Artūras Tamulynas
Chief Engineer
Deimantė Litvinskaitė
Sales Manager


We believe that nature is not a place to visit. It is our home.

JSC Borela

Jovaru str. 3, Voškoniai Village,
LT-54342 Kaunas District.
Company code 303310060