Borela is taking part in the Asia’s largest exhibition Foodex 2018 in Japan!

Borela is taking part in the Asia’s largest exhibition Foodex 2018 in Japan!

The 43d International Food and Beverage Exhibition FOODEX JAPAN, the largest annual food and beverage trade show in Asia, took place on 6-9th of March of this year. Organizers have estimated that exhibition should attract about 82 000 people from all over the world. Lithuanian organic hemp producing company Borela decided not to miss an opportunity to participate in this exhibition, so they presented their organic production. Company representatives say that they are pleasantly surprised of creditable exhibition organizers work and the fact that Lithuanian products draw attention of Japanese people.

„We really enjoyed the time we spent in this exhibition. Also we are very happy that Lithuanian products attract Japanese attention because of their exceptional quality. As it is known, Japan is clean and wealthy country and its people particularly appreciate food quality. I think that’s why Lithuanian products get demand there“. – says Vilius Janušaitis, representative of Borela.

It is hard to estimate Japanese approach to organic food industry yet, but it’s clear that Asian market differs from Western Europe or United States markets.

„Organic food industry is still developing in East Asia, because all of the food which you can buy there is really healthy. For this reason, the need of organic food for Japanese is not that obvious, but it is growing. Speaking for the traders, small and average shop networks are the most popular in Japan and organic production is sold in specialized shops or just on the internet. That’s why I think that Japan is very promising market“, – comments V. Janušaitis.

Borela is very pleased about participating in FOODEX JAPAN exhibition and emphasizes the attention, which he felt in Japan.


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