Mission: quality

Mission: quality

Although many have heard about a hemp plant, just a few would say that they use hemp production on a daily basis. However, those who know how valuable this plant is and appreciate it are also aware about the high quality of Lithuanian organic hemp production. Quality is what BORELA is focused on. Our aim is to supply our customers only with the highest quality organic hemp products; therefore, the process for the modification of the raw materials and the production constantly adheres to strict controls, while all ecological production requirements are followed.

BORELA quality manager Laurynas Lukosius elaborates on how he highest quality standards at the factory are maintained.

What steps are taken to ensure the highest quality of the production?

 First of all we have introduced „BRC Food Certificate“. It is a worldwide recognized certificate, allowing to ensure that food products are safe to use, its quality meets the criteria and the making process is under strict control. We talk about the whole A to Z process – from choosing farmers who grow hemp plants to final products in stores. The process begins with visiting local farmers and collecting samples that are sent to certified laboratories for an examination. We study the microbiological and chemical pollution in raw materials (total bacterial count, Enterobacteriaceae, molds, yeasts, salmonella, E. Coli and other bacteria, peroxides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.) Of course, this is not the only examination – we also test the final products.

At the same time we pay special attention to transparency – all the information about the production can be found on its label. Every label gives information about particular production certificates, production and raw material numbers that can be used to identify the origins of the raw material. It also holds a serial number and information about the production date, the production process coordinator and if there were any other production process performed at the same time.

Why the raw material used by BORELA is considered special?

For us one of the key components of the high quality products is the high quality raw material. The material we use is grown in the Baltics states while many European companies use hemp seeds that are imported from China.

What are the main requirements for ecological production?

Organic production can be produced only from certified organic raw material. There are 3 main requirements for it:

  1. It has to be pesticide-free.
  2. Should not contain traces of GMO.
  3. Radiation test results have to be negative.

Why BORELA production stands out?

All the BORELA products are produced only from the certified FINOLA organic hemp grain. This raw material is derived from organic farming in the Baltic states, therefore they are 100 percent natural, without any chemical synthetic additives, added sugars or allergens. The hemp seed production of this kind is highly recommended for vegans.

Moreover, we follow strict rules and processes, do extensive tests, gather statistical data, continue learning and keep on using the latest, innovative production technologies. This allows us not only to supply the highest quality products to the market but also to move towards our future aims.


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