Production process step by step

Production process step by step

Step by step production of Organic hulled hemp seeds process at Borela:
1. The raw material in big bags arrives through the gate.
2. The raw material is laboratoricaly tested again to be nontoxic, etc.
3. The raw material gets transferred to the hemp seeds processing line in batches.
4. Impurities get removed from the raw material with the help of a magnet.
  1. The raw material proceeds to the separator and stones collector. All impurities are removed.
  2. One batch of hemp seeds get shulled, the other part proceeds to the oil production line.
  3. Hemp seeds are hulled. Hulls are removed from the raw material.
  4. Whole hemp seeds (unhulled) get separated from hulled ones.
  5. Hulled hemp seeds get packed in vacuum packs with the use of nitrogen gas, in addition they get checked by a metal detector.
  6. Hemp seed hulls transfer to the biofuel factory.

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