Our sustainable process demands a lot of craftsmanship and theoretical knowledge

For us, quality is the most important factor in our activities. We monitor and control the entire process from the selection of raw materials and the growing until the provision of the final product to the customer. In this way, only the highest quality ecological products from our company reach the customers.

Quality begins with the seed. We cooperate with certified farms that offer only the best hemp seeds, since we believe that the most valuable products are produced only from the best quality raw materials. Additionally, we always check the cultivation of the hemp grain through ecological farming techniques and review its route before reaching the processing plant by directly communicating with the producers, so that we remain aware of the origins of the raw materials and can ensure their quality.

The raw materials grown in different ecological farms are labelled with individual serial numbers, which identify the reproductive material (seed) of an elite category, the exact cultivation area of the hemp grain, the dates of sowing and threshing, and the certified ecological fertilizers that are used (the manufacturer, date, quantity, etc.). Each batch of raw materials labelled with an individual serial number is also processed separately. The products produced are thereby linked to a certain supply chain and raw material, so that we are able to trace the history of each product.

We apply very strict standards for our internal quality controls; therefore, we bravely ensure the unique quality of our ecological products. Only those products that meet the highest EU and US product safety requirements will reach our customers, since we study the microbiological and chemical pollution in both the raw materials and the products that are produced (total bacterial count, Enterobacteriaceae, molds, yeasts, salmonella, E. Coli and other bacteria, peroxides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.). These examinations are carried out even when only one product type will be produced from the raw material. The products are placed on the market only after complex examinations are completed in accredited food laboratories such as NMVRVI (Lithuania), Eurofins and the GBA Laboratory Group (Germany), and J.S. Hamilton Poland (Poland).

We sell our processed hemp products only to authorized manufacturers, wholesale establishments and distributors, so that we can ensure even the strictest standards are met for the quality and safety of food set out by our customers.



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