From the seed to the processing factory

Hemp can be used to produce more than 50,000 products

Already, the ways of using hemp numbers not in hundreds but in the thousands. Hemp and hemp fiber products are extensively used in the fields of textiles, building materials, the food industry, and the production of biofuel, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.

We want as many people as possible to become aware of the benefits of hemps and to try hemp products; therefore, at every moment we are putting our efforts into ensuring that only the highest quality products reach our customers.

Organic hemp – or hemp grain – is produced by our company through a process where everything from the selection of the seed until the final transfer of the product to the customer is monitored very thoroughly.

We process the FINOLA type of hemp that was derived in Finland by Dr. Jace Callaway, and that is perfectly suited to the Nordic climate that prevails in Lithuania. FINOLA is a type of hemp intended for cooking and oil extraction. Compared with other types of hemp (especially those grown outside the EU), FINOLA possesses the characteristics of a far better taste and flavor:
a pleasant nutty/ buttery aftertaste;
a smaller seed with a thinner outer husk which is easier to remove.

Cultivation of hemp

For us, the quality of the final product begins with an impeccable raw material. We check the cultivation of the hemp grain through ecological farming techniques and review its route before reaching the processing plant. In this way, only certified raw materials grown from our selected super elite seeds are processed and become one of our highest quality products.

Processing of hemp grain

The harvested hemp is first of all cleaned and dried. This process requires a great deal of scrupulousness, care and diligence. Later, during the processing, the hemp seeds travel through various types of stainless steel equipment that are intended to come into contact with food, depending on which product is being produced. During the whole act of processing, there are strict controls to ensure that the temperature of the raw materials so not rise above 40 °C. In this way, all the valuable features of the hemp are preserved, and its stability regarding oxidation is maintained.


In order to ensure the highest quality of our products, we control each stage of the process until they reach our customers. In fact, our products are verified several times: after the initial preparation of the raw materials, upon accepting the raw materials for processing, during the products’ production, and checks of the final products which represent the whole batch.


The packing of the product and its packaging are very important to us. In caring for the environment protection of our products while seeking to preserve their freshness and valuable features, we pack our products in special packages. In order to avoid the oxidation processes and changes to the physical and chemical features of foods, we have chosen vacuum packaging offering UVA protection with a modified atmosphere, without the addition of any artificial components. During the packaging of the products in a modified atmosphere, we use nitrogen gas which stops the multiplication of micro-organisms, extends the shelf life in the supply chain, and preserves the taste, structure, and appearance of the product, while removing the oxygen that can result in the oxidation.


The packaged products are prepared for sale – while the highest quality and environmental friendliness are guaranteed!


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